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Repair mortar TM 78/31 0.5 mm (5105)mortar TM 78/31 2.0 mm (5136)

Product description
Repair mortar TM 78/31 is a quick setting mortar, made of Portland cement and synthetic resins. Repair mortar TM 78/31 has good adhesive strength, which provides for excellent adhesion even to small surfaces. The product has a remarkable workabilA special component ensures the mortar not to dry up too fast, prevent burning of the mortar.

Repair mortar TM 78/31 is used:
- for repairing gravel pockets, batteangles and edges
- for sealing joints and gaps
- for bedding concrete units, sealing cracks in prestressed concrete or the cones of tendons
- to make thin levelling courses on floors,wallsandpillars

User instructions 
Repair mortar TM 78/31 is mixed with water until the desired workability is reached (about 5.5 litres of water are added for every 25 kg of Repair mortar TM 78/31). The ready mortar is applied to the cleaned, wetted surface with appropriate tools. Loose particles, dirt and other substances which could negatively influencesurfaceadhesion have to be removed before the application. Thin layers of mortar should be protected from premature drying through the application of Curing Compound AC-1 (Art. No. 3204).


Technical data 
- State of aggregation: powder
- Colour: grey
- Density (kg/l): n.a.
- pH-Value: n.a.
- max. alkali content (% Na2O-eq): n.a.
- max. chloride content (%): n.a.
- Colour code: n.a.
- Storage: dry, frost-protected, in closed packaging
- Shelf-life: when stored correctly at least 6 months after date of produc

Sacks, pallets, big bags.

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