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Curing Compound

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Product description 
Curing Compound TM 86/60 is a profor curing concrete and mortar consisting of resin. The product does contain solvents. After spreading Curing Compound TM 85/60, there will be a thin, shiny, and water-vapour-proof protective filmonthesurfacestreated. This protective filmpreventsthe evaporation of water, which is needed for the cement hydration. Thus, Curing Compound TM 85/60 prevents the surfaces from drying up too soon, the formation of cracks, and dusting, which is quite undesirable for cement-bound floors.

Curing Compound TM is primarily used to produce industrial floorswherethocuring is necessary and shiny concrete surfaces are requested.

User instructions 
Curing Compound TM 85/60 is evenly sprayed on the surface immediately after the concrete or mortar surface has been wiped.

1 Litre is sufficientforabout 4-8m2.

Technical data 
- State of aggregation: liquid
- Colour: transparent
- Density (kg/l): 0.89
- pH-Value: 6.5
- max. alkali content (% Na2O-eq): n.a.
- max. chloride content (%): n.a.
- Colour code: n.a.
- Storage: dry, frost-protected, in closed packaging
- Shelf-life: when stored correctly at least 1 year, after date of produc

Cans, barrels, containers, bulk.

When using Curing Compound TM 85/60, good aeration is most important. No open flames! Devices should, immediately after usage, be cleaned with toluene.

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