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Acrytekt TM (3302)TM Powder (3304)

Product description
Acrytekt TM is a dispersion of syntheresins based on acrylate. It is used as a bonding bridge between existing and fresh concrete or for repairing concrete and mortar elements. Used as a bonding bridge or added to fresh concrete or mortar, this admixture increases adhesive pull and tensile strength, and workability. Additionally, Acrytekt TM increases the resistance to penetrating moisture and the cheresistance.

Acrytekt TM is used to make bonding bridges, to repair layers of concrete and mortar, to make mortar which is used to seal leakages in cellars, to make water-tight joints and walls, to produce water-tight concrete, to apply preliminary layers on walls, to produce screed floors,toenhancethechemiresistance of the finalproduct.

User instructions
 The surface to be treated has to be free of dust and grease; it has to be thoroughly wetted before the applicaAcrytekt TM is mixed with cement in a ratio of 1:0.5 up to 1:1 and applied to the surface with a big brush or rolAs far as Acrytekt TM powder is concerned, the requested consistency is obtained by adding water. When using Acrytekt TM powder, a longer mixing time should be expected.

The concrete or mortar should be applied to the slightly wet bonding bridge and then be treated with Curing Compound TM, to prevent premature drying. Acrytekt TM can be applied in its undiluted condition if it is used as an undercoat on walls to increase the adhesion of further layers like mortar or plaster, or to increase water imperand chemical resistance.

Further information is available on request.

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